Color Options for Hearth Pads

Color Options for Traditional Hearth Pads

Choose from a wide range of hearth pad color and material combinations. American Panel hearth pads are available in tile (ceramic & porcelain) and slate.

Hearth Pad Tile Color Options

Select from a large variety of tile colors that will look best with your stove and home. Looking for a more complex color combination? Add extra beauty to your stove while providing excellent protection with a two-tone tile hearth pad.

** Current tile offerings are subject to change, and the actual color of tile may vary from the product picture. Tile shown in any lifestyle pictures may or may not be available. Product pictures below are samples and do not reflect the scale of the finished pad. **

Hearth Pad Slate and Stone Color Options

Natural Cleft Slate is the most popular texture for slate flooring. The surface is moderately rough, giving your hearth pad a unique, slip- resistant appearance. If you want a more earthy feel and antique look for your hearth pad, Tumbled Slate is a versatile material that aesthetically adds to the interior of any home. Polished Slate is often considered more elegant than natural slate, having a more “finished” look.

** Color of slate and stone will vary from product pictures as these are natural stone. Product pictures below are samples and do not reflect the scale of the finished pad. **

Hearth Pad Random Square Cut Styling

The Random Square Cut style’s lack of symmetry makes it unique and beautiful when using stone finishes. Available with Asian, Polished Copper, and Indian Silver.

Hearth Pads with Venetian Inlay Detail

Enhance your tile or slate hearth pad with Venetian Inlay for a more sophisticated look. Also available with Polished Copper and Indian Silver.

What size of hearth pads are available?

American Panel hearth pads are available to customers in several different shapes and sizes.

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What frame styles are available?

There are two styles of powder-coated frames to choose from for the hearth pad.

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What style of pedestals are available?

Pedestals are available in slate, tile, or wood facing. 

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